Sensibo – Automated AirConditioning

It’s here! After a little bit of “trouble” with my country’s customs, Sensibo kit is here! So let’s start from the beginning:

What is Sensibo?

Sensibo is basically a kit of devices (hub and pods) that turn any AC into a cooling/heating smart computer. To make it even better, Sensibo is connected to your phone via app. So Sensibo can offer you the best “setup” for your room environment anywhere from the world. If you want more, check their AWSOME video presentation below:

How does it work?

Well, I think it involves magic. Nah, technically, pods connect via connection (some sort of magical wifi) to a central command unit called a hub. This hub takes all the data and sends it to Sensibo‘s servers. When you use their app, this connects to the same servers. Don’t worry, Sensibo made sure that your privacy is intact.

Sensibo app

Sensibo guys and gals constructed a fine peace of software for iOS and Android. It’s slick, nice and easy to use. You can get your type of Sensibo app from App Store or Google Play. Windows phones are currently not supported yet.


I tried Sensibo and I must say that I like it. I just like it. I was looking for a simple “phone control for AC” many years, I even constructed my own “pod” but nothing compares to Sensibo’s design, style and functionality. Sensibo kit ships in beautiful boxes, everything is simple to use, it’s almost plug-and-play. The only thing that I would change is in the iOS app. It’s the “mode” setting. I would put that on “main screen”, not the menu like it is now. But overall Sensibo gets 5 stars from me. I really recommend it to anybody who needs a “AC remote over internet”. In it’s preorder state, Sensibo single kit costs a $159 or around 140€. I invite you to check their site for more prices and kits.




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